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    General Manager Speech

    Dear customers and friends from all walks of life:

            Welcome to visit Shandong Baobo International Trade Co., Ltd. website! On behalf of all the staff of the company, I sincerely thank you for your attention and support to the company!

            Shandong Bobo International Trade Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, is located in Licheng District, Jinan City. It is a comprehensive and specialized steel products and service provider integrating steel sales, warehousing and logistics, processing and distribution, and export trade.

            Meeting the needs of our customers is the starting point and foothold of all our work. The company will create more quality products for customers and provide value-added services to customers. We sincerely hope that all friends can learn more about us through the company website. We welcome you to visit the company in a busy schedule to guide work, exchange and cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win development, and join hands in creating a better tomorrow!